Start Up Rules

All cards in the deck (minus jokers) are dealt out clockwise, one at a time, starting with the Asshole (loser of the last game.)

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else, the first one to do so is President. The last person to do so is labeled the Asshole.

General Gameplay

The order of cards from lowest to highest is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, with 2 and 3 being special cards. The suite of the card does not matter in this game. A pair of any kind is higher than a single (so two 3's is higher than a single ace), any triple higher than any double, etc. Four of a kind will clear the round.

Roles in the Game

President The last person who won is the President. This means that you will get to give your worst card to the Asshole in exchange for their best. You may also make anyone drink at anytime for anything you want to. Depending on the rules you may have to win a certain number of games before you can become the official President.

Asshole You where the last person with cards in the previous round. This means you must deal, clear the cards, as well forfeit your best card to the President in exchange for their worst.

Special Game Cards

2 Red & Black Card

Clear Card

2 Red & Black Card

This card is a clear, no matter what is played this card clears the round and the person who uses it goes again with a fresh round.

3 Red & Black Card

Wild Card

3 Red & Black Card

This is a wild card or two 3's played is a clear. A player may choose its value to be anything except a 2. Note that this card DOES NOT take the place of a natural card (to skip a player or count towards the completing of a number set.)

4 of Clubs Card

Start Card

4 of Clubs Card

Before there is a President, the player with the 4 of clubs starts the game by laying down that card only.

Popular Rules Made by Presidents

Thumb Master: Any time the President puts down their thumb the last person to follow must drink.

Eye Contact: Anyone who makes eye contact with the President must drink.

Beer Bitch: The President picks one person for the job of getting everyone beer at the table.

Little Man: Everyone has a pretend 'little man' on the lip of their beer, and they must remove him with their fingers and place him on the table, drink, then put him back on each time they take a drink. If anyone forgets to do this they must drink.

No Names: Anyone who uses a person's name at the table must drink.

History of the Game

Asshole is a card shedding style game that originated in southeastern Asia but has recently flourished throughout the rest of the world, commonly referred to in Australia as Warlords and Scumbags, the same as slot machines are known as pokie machines. Read this slots guide and this pokies guide to learn more about gaming slang.

The game of Asshole has become the most popular card based college drinking game in the US. It is also known by many other names such as President, Presidents & Assholes, Shlub, Scum(bag) here.